Disconnect Garmin from Final Surge

This article explains how to disconnect your Garmin account from Final Surge. To fully disconnect a Garmin connection, it is necessary to disconnect the sync at both Final Surge and Garmin Connect. For information on syncing your Garmin account with Final Surge, reference Sync your Garmin Connect Account with Final Surge.

NOTE: If you are experiencing Garmin sync issues, do not disconnect your Garmin connection unless you have followed every step in Garmin Sync Not Working.

Disabling Garmin Connect Sync at Garmin Connect

1. Log into the Garmin Connect website and go to your settings:

2. Next, choose "Account Information"

3. Scroll to the bottom until you see "Final Surge" in the "Applications" section. Click the "Disconnect" button. Note: if you do not have this section, you are all done on Garmin Connect. Please scroll down to the section titled "Disabling Garmin Connect Sync at Final Surge". 


4. Click "Disconnect" on the pop-up to confirm that you would like to disconnect your Final Surge and Garmin sync. 


5. Finally be sure to fully log out of of the Garmin Connect website


Disabling Garmin Connect Sync at Final Surge

1. Log into the Final Surge Website and choose "Garmin/Device Upload" from the top left "Workouts" drop-down menu. 

2. On the next screen click on "Link Garmin Connect Account"

3. On the next screen choose "Remove Auto-Sync"

4. On the confirmation dialog choose "OK"


Once you have completed these steps, your Garmin connection from Final Surge will be successfully disconnected. 

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