Garmin Sync Not Working

This article explains what to do if you Garmin workouts are not being imported to Final Surge. If you are having trouble syncing structured workouts from Final Surge to the Garmin Connect calendar, reference Final Surge to Garmin Sync Not Working

First, Give Garmin more time to send your workout to Final Surge. Do not reset your Garmin-Final Surge connection.

On particularly busy days (most commonly busy weekends), Garmin can experience delays in sending your workouts to Final Surge. Your workouts will eventually come to Final Surge - it just might take a few more hours than normal.  DO NOT un-sync the account and attempt to re-sync Garmin Connect.

If you have just set up your Garmin connection, remember that Garmin will not send Final Surge your entire workout history. The way the Garmin Connect sync feature works is that once you have synced the accounts, you then have to upload a new workout to Garmin Connect to get everything started on their end. Once they see that initial workout after you have synced the accounts, then they will send that over right away. They will then queue up your 30-day history and send that over within 24-48 hours.

If it has been at least 24 hours since you synced your workout and it still hasn't come to Final Surge, there is likely a problem with your Garmin-Final Surge sync. 

Here are the things that are typically involved when the Garmin sync is not working:

1. Make sure you don't have more than one connection to Final Surge in Garmin Connect, as this will render the link inactive. Go to Account Profile/Settings in Garmin Connect, look at the list of Account Information and make sure Final Surge is listed and only once. Here is a screenshot of what this should look like: 



2. Make sure you do not have more than one account in Final Surge and the account you are logged into is the same account you have linked to Garmin Connect. Garmin will not allow more than one Final Surge sync per Garmin account.

3. Remember that Garmin Connect will NOT sync to any third party apps like Final Surge if the workout did not originate on a Garmin device/app, including a Zwift or TrainerRoad workout. This is Garmin's policy. However, Strava does not have that policy so switching to use the Strava sync will send your Zwift workouts into Final Surge. Just remember to unlink Garmin Connect or you'll get duplicate workouts.

4. Garmin uses a different application programming interface (API) for their sync in China and Asia and Final Surge does not yet sync with this China/Asia API. Users in this region can use the free version of Strava to get their workouts into Final Surge. This is a support article which explains how to sync Strava to Final Surge. 

If none of these reasons apply to you, you should reset your Garmin-Final Surge connection. Follow these steps to reset your connection:

1. Disconnect your Garmin connection with Final Surge. For instructions on how to do this, reference Disconnect Garmin from Final Surge

2. Reconnect your Garmin connection. For instructions explaining explaining how to do this, reference Sync your Garmin Connect Account with Final Surge


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