Final Surge to Garmin Connect Calendar Sync (Structured Workouts) Not Working?

This article explains what to do if Final Surge is not sending your planned structured workouts to your Garmin device. If you are having trouble importing workouts from Garmin to Final Surge, reference Garmin Sync Not Working

1. Make sure that you have followed all of the steps in the setup article

2. Verify that your workouts are structured

You can tell if a workout is structured by this icon in the Beta Platform Workout Calendar. Some training plans come with pre-built structured workouts and others do not. 


Workouts without this icon cannot be sent to Garmin devices. To make a workout structured, you will need to create a structured workout

3. Remember that Final Surge will only send the next 48 hours of workouts to your Garmin Connect calendar.

Do not be alarmed if you set up the Final Surge to Garmin sync and you only see the next two days of workouts on your calendar. If you turned on the Auto-Sync feature in the setup, then your calendar will automatically refresh to always include the next 48 hours of workouts. If you did not turn on the Auto-Sync feature, you can manually push your next two days of workouts to Final Surge at any time. 

4. Place structured workouts on your training calendar at least 24 hours before the workout will take place. 

Garmin devices will refresh with the next 48 hours of structured workouts from Final Surge every 24 hours. If you add a workout in Final Surge that you would like to complete in the next 24 hours, use the "Manual Push" feature to manually refresh your Garmin device with new structured workouts from Final Surge. For help with this, reference the "Manually Pushing Two Days of Workouts" section of the setup article

5. If you are using the Final Surge Connect IQ App, switch to the new method of sending workouts from Final Surge to Garmin.

With the release of the new method of syncing structured workout to Garmin devices, Final Surge is no longer supporting the Final Surge Connect IQ App. Please follow the instructions in the setup article to enable the new, better method. 

If you are still experiencing problems sending structured workouts from Final Surge to Garmin, please reach out to Final Surge customer support. 



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