Invite Athletes To Be Coached by You in Final Surge

This article explains how to invite athletes to be coached by you in Final Surge. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Login to your Final Surge coaching account. 

2. Click "Manage Athletes" under the Coaching drop-down menu. If you do not see a coaching drop-down menu, you are not using a coaching account. To fix this, upgrade your account to a coaching account


3. In the "Add an Athlete" section, enter the email address of the athlete that you would like to coach. Select a team for the athlete to be added to once they accept the invitation. Press "Continue" to go to the next step.

Note: For help on setting up teams and groups in Final Surge, please reference "Section 2 - Setting Up Teams and Groups" in the Final Surge Coaching Guide


4. Verify that your athlete's email address is spelled correctly. You can invite athletes who do and do not have Final Surge accounts. Enter your optional "Personal Message" and click "Send Invitation". 


5. Your athlete will receive a coaching invitation in their email and Final Surge account. You can tell that the invitation was sent by looking for pending invitations in the "View Athletes" section of the "Manage Athletes" page. If your athlete has not received the invitation, triple check the spelling of the email to which the invitation was sent and then refer the athlete to the Connecting with Your Coach support article. 


6. Once an athlete has accepted an invitation, their "Status" will change to "Active". When you see the "Active" status, you and your athlete have been successfully linked! 


Happy Coaching!


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