Turning on/off Social Wall Notifications

If your coach has given you access to a social wall in the Final Surge app, you can turn on push notifications so that you get notified each time someone likes or comments on your post, as well as each time anyone creates a new post on the wall.  Here are instructions on how to do this in the Final Surge app:

Click the three triple dots in the bottom right of the main icons to access the More Menu:




From the More Menu, click on Notifications:



In the top right corner of the Notifications screen, click the cogwheel icon:




On the Notification Settings screen, click the Customize Social Wall Notifications option:




You can then edit the two types of Social Wall notifications listed on this screen by clicking the pencil icon:



After clicking the pencil icon, you can change each setting to "ON" to enable these notifications:



Click the "Update Notifications" button to save your changes.



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