MapMyRun Sync Stopped Working

If you have connected your MapMyRun account to Final Surge and MapMyRun has stopped syncing workouts, un-syncing and re-syncing MapMyRun usually fixes this issue and resets the connection.  Here are steps to take if you need to re-sync your accounts:

1. If you are in the Final Surge app, go to the Connected Apps page from the more menu and select "UA Connected Fitness".  If you are in the full web platform, go to Workouts --> Garmin/Device Upload --> and click on the "Link UA Connected Fitness" button to be taken here:

2. From this page, click the "Remove Auto-Sync" button:


3. Once you have un-synced your MapMyRun account, you can then click the "Authorize Sync" button on this same page, and go through the Authorization steps of connecting your MapMyRun account again.



Now that you have reset the connection with MapMyRun, the next time you complete a workout, that would should automatically sync over to Final Surge.  MapMyRun will not send over any historical workouts.  Only newly completed workouts that you do after you have set up the sync will transfer over.

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