Workout Data Not Showing up in Zone Reports?

This article explains what to do if you have set up Zones in Final Surge, but your workouts are not showing up in your zone reports. For information about about the zone report feature and setting up your zones, reference Heart Rate and Power Zone Reports Feature.

Here are some tips to make sure your workout data shows up in your zone reports: 

1. Set up your zones before your workouts are imported to Final Surge! Zones are a fluid metric that change as an athlete gets fitter, so we do not adjust past workout zone data when new zones are entered. If you have just added your zones, future workouts for that activity type should show up in your zone reports. 

2. Make sure your zones are associated with the same activity type as your workouts! Your workout will only show up in your zone reports if the zone and workout are the same activity type.  If you change the activity type of your workout to match your zones AFTER the workout was imported, this workout will not be in your zone reports for the updated activity type. 

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