Colors of your Training Log

This article covers the different colors of activities in your training log and what they mean. This article also explains how to change these colors step-by-step.


Final Surge has two settings for the colors of workouts in the training calendar: Activity Type and Completion. The Beta platform also has an additional Hybrid setting. 

In the legacy platform, clicking the "Completion" button at the top of the Training Calendar will switch between these settings. 


In the Beta platform, your preferred color setting can be selected from the dropdown menu in the top-right of the calendar. 


Activity Type

The default setting is "Activity Type". When using the activity type setting, workouts with different types will have different colors. If your "Completion" button at the top of your calendar is white (not filled-in), your workouts are being colored by activity types. 

Here is an example of a calendar in the legacy platform that is using the Activity Type setting. Note the different colors for "Run", "Swim", "Bike", "Recovery/Rehab", and "Rest" activities.: 


Here is an example of the Activity Type setting in the Beta platform: 



Final Surge can also color activities by completion. This feature is useful for anyone who has planned workouts on their calendar with a planned duration or distance (planned by a coach, by yourself, or through a training plan). By turning this feature on, the calendar will ignore the colors assigned to each Activity Type and color code the workouts based on how much of the workout has been completed. When using the Completion setting, unplanned workouts will be blue by default. 

If your "Completion" button is blue (filled-in), your training calendar is being colored by activity completion. Here is an example of a calendar in the legacy platform using the Completion setting:

Here is an example of the Completion setting in the Beta platform: 

Hybrid (Beta platform exclusively)

The Beta platform in Final Surge can combine Activity Type and Completion preferences into one Hybrid color system. Here is an example of the Hybrid color setting.

The vertical bars on the left side of each workout represent the completion of the workout.
The color of the Activity Type text within the workout represents the activity type of the workout. 

How To Change Colors of Activities On Your Training Log:

Changing Activity Type Colors:

To change the color of an activity type, you will need to change the settings for that activity type. Once logged into the website, go to the "Workouts" drop-down tab and Select "Customize Activity Types". 


Click the pencil icon on the activity type color that you wish to change. 


Enter a hex color using the color picker to select the color. Click "Update Type" to save your changes. 


After you have updated the activity type color, refresh the calendar and you will begin seeing the colors based on new activity type settings.

Changing Completion Colors: 

Completion color coding is based on the following rules:

  1. Completion is first based on Planned Duration. If a Planned Duration for the workout exists, the colors will be based on a comparison of Planned versus Actual Duration.
  2. If no Planned Duration exists, completion will then be based on Planned Distance. The color coding for this workout will be based on a comparison of the Planned versus Actual Distance.

The colors will default to the following percent of completion:

Green: completion between 80% and 120%

Yellow: completion between 50%-79% or 121%-150%

Red: not completed or completion under 50% or over 150%

Grey: future workouts and workouts without a planned duration or distance

 You cannot change the colors associated with Completion levels (green, yellow, and red), but you can change the percentage that triggers each color. If you would like to change the default percent that triggers each color of completion, you can do so by clicking the question mark beside the “Completion” button on the calendar.

A pop-up window will appear explaining how the completion colors work. At the bottom of this window you can change the percentages for each end of the color coding. Simply type the new percent in each box and click the "Update Completion" button at the bottom of the page. After you have updated the percent numbers, refresh the calendar and you will begin seeing the colors based on your customized percentages.

If you have any further questions about understanding or changing the color coding of activities on the training calendar, reach out to Final Surge customer support.
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