Not Receiving Workout Email Notifications?

If you have planned workouts on your calendar and are not receiving your daily workout notifications, please check the following:

1. Make sure you have the "Email Upcoming Workouts" option turned on in the User Settings section on your Profile & Settings page here:

2. If this is turned on and you haven't been receiving the email at the time of day you selected based off your time zone, it's possible your email provider has changed some policies and these messages are getting places in your spam or junk folder. Please check those folders.

3. If you are not able to find the emails in your spam/junk folder, search your entire email for messages that were sent from "".

4. Finally, try setting "" as a Safe Sender in your email program.  This will allow all future emails from this address to come through without getting placed into another folder by your email provider.

Below are links which show how to mark an address as a Safe Sender in various email programs:




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