Duplicate Workouts Syncing to Calendar

Many times athletes have multiple platforms synced to Final Surge (such as Garmin and Strava).  Both systems are sending us the same workout. Our system does not know they are duplicate workouts as Strava does not send the original GPS file to us (they manipulate the data first and send it in another format) whereas Garmin sends the original file, so the workouts are slightly different when they get to our system.

We usually suggest unsyncing one of these two platforms from Final Surge and then only one copy of the workout will be sent to our site. We generally recommend unsyncing Strava as they don't send us the original files like Garmin does. However, if you use an online cycling platform such as ZWIFT or TrainerRoad, you will want to unsync Garmin and leave your Strava connection. Garmin does not forward over workouts to us that were not completed on a Garmin head unit whereas Strava will forward on workouts that were completed on platforms like ZWIFT and TrainerRoad.

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