Can I Sync Workouts from Apple Watch?

Yes, Final Surge has a direct Apple Health sync that will send completed workouts that you have recorded on your Apple Watch using the native Workout App.  You can enable this connection inside of the Final Surge iOS app by going to the more menu and tapping on Connected Apps --> Apple Health + Watch.

In addition, you can also sync planned structured workouts to your Apple Watch through this connection (you must have WatchOS 10 installed).

Find out more here: Apple Watch Integration Guide


If you do not use the Workout App on your Apple Watch, there are a number of 3rd party Apple Watch apps that you can install on your Apple Watch to record workouts.  Each of these apps can be connected directly with Final Surge (through their app) so that completed workouts are synced to our platform.

Apple Watch 3rd Party Apps:

1. The HealthFit app:

This app will pull data directly from Apple Health on your phone and send the workouts directly to Final Surge.  HealthFit has a one time download fee but is free to use after that.

2. The Strava Apple Watch app:

If you use the Strava app on your Apple Watch, you can then sync your Strava account with Final Surge and Strava will send these workouts to our platform.

3. The iSmoothRun app:

iSmoothRun turns your Apple Watch into a high-end fitness watch and allows you to not only sync completed workouts to Final Surge, but also download structured workouts from Final Surge onto your watch.  iSmoothRun supports pace, heart rate and power based workouts.  iSmoothRun charges a monthly fee to use their Pro features which includes structured workout syncing.


4. The Watchletic app:

Watchletic allows you to download planned structured workouts from Final Surge and complete them on your Apple Watch.  You can then upload your completed workout back to Final Surge.  Watchletic is very inexpensive to use at $1/month or $9.99/year.

5. The RunGap app:

RunGap charges a monthly fee for syncing, but they connect with over 30 different platforms including the Apple Watch.

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