No Garmin History is Importing to Final Surge?

The way the Garmin Connect sync feature works is that once you have synced the accounts, you then have to upload a new workout to Garmin Connect to get everything started on their end. Once they see that initial workout after you have synced the accounts, then they will send that over right away. They will then queue up your 30-day history and send that over within 24-48 hours.

If you have already uploaded a new workout to Garmin Connect after you have set up the sync with Final Surge and it's been longer than 48 hours, you likely did not check the "send my 30 day history" box when you first synced the account. We give users the option as many of them already have their workouts in the system when they sync up their Garmin, so users don't always want that history to come over as it will create duplicates. 

To redo this, you'll have to re-sync the accounts and ensure you check that "sync 30-day history" box when you set it up. To redo the sync, here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Log into Final Surge, go to the Garmin Sync page, and click the "Remove Auto-Sync" button: Log into Garmin Connect, go to Profile --> Account Settings --> Account Information and scroll to the bottom of that page and click the "Remove Permission" link in the Applications section beside Final Surge.
3. Go back to Final Surge, redo the sync, but this time ensure you have the "30-day history box" checked.
4. Upload a new workout to Garmin Connect. Garmin will send that right over to our system and then queue up your 30-day history at that time. You should see it show up in about 24 hours after that.
5. Once that history comes over, any workout less than 30-days ago may be duplicated. You'll just need to go through and delete those duplicates in Final Surge. 

If this does not fix the problem, please reach out to Final Surge customer support.

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