Waivers and Digital Signatures

The Waivers feature inside of Coaching Business allows you to create and manage waivers (release of claims and liability) that coaches ask their athletes and program participants to sign before they begin training.  Waivers that you or your legal council create can then be attached to both Subscriptions and Programs, so that athlete's agree to and sign these during the registration process.

To begin creating a waiver, navigate to the Coaching Business link by clicking on your coach profile image at the top of the main navigation.  From there click on Coaching Business from the fly-out menu: https://beta.finalsurge.com/coaching-business



At the top of the Coaching Business page, click on the "Waivers" tab at the far right:


When you get to the Waivers tab, you will see one waiver that is pre-made for you.  This waiver is called the "Default Minor Waiver".  This waiver cannot be edited or deleted and is used only if you enable the option to allow Participants Under 18 Years of Age to participate in your Subscriptions and Programs.


Creating a New Waiver

To create a new waiver, click the "Create" button in the top right hand corner of the Waivers tab:



A modal window will appear with two text fields:

  • Waiver Name - This name is used so that you can reference the waiver when you are adding it to a subscription or program.  Your athletes and participants will not see this name. 

  • Waiver Text - This is the actual text of the waiver that you want your athletes and participants to agree to.  Use the text formatting options at the top of this box to add rich text such as hyperlinks, bold, underline, and bullet points.


Once you have entered the Name and Waiver text, click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner to save this waiver:



Editing an Existing Waiver

If you ever need to edit the text of an existing waiver, hover over the waiver name and click the edit pencil icon on right.  This will open up a modal window and allow you to edit the text of your waiver:



Copying an Existing Waiver

If you ever need to make a copy of an existing waiver, hover over the waiver name and click the copy icon on the right.

A modal window will open up with all of the previous waiver information.  The name of this waiver will have the text "(Copy)" at the end of it. Simply adjust the name and text of the copied waiver and then click the "Copy" button at the bottom of the modal window.  


Deleting a Waiver

If for some reason you need to delete one of your waivers, hover over the waiver you want to delete and click the trash can icon on the right:

A modal confirmation window will appear confirming the deletion.  Just click "Yes, Delete" to remove the waiver.


Attaching Waivers to Subscriptions and Programs

Once you have created a waiver, you can now attach it to a Subscription or Program so that your athlete or participant has to read and agree to the waiver when they register for your service.

Click on the Subscriptions or Programs tab in Coaching Business, and edit the subscription or program by hovering over the name and clicking on the edit button to the right:

From the editor view of your service, navigate to the "Onboarding" tab at the top:



Scroll down the page until you see the "Include Waiver" option.  Use the toggle button to turn this on:

Once you have toggled on the Waiver option, you can then select which waiver you would like to attach to this subscription or program using the dropdown menu.

When a waiver is added to a service, the waiver is displayed to your athlete/participant and they are asked to type in their digital signature confirming that they are agreeing to the waiver:


Adding Digital Signature Image Capture

If you would prefer to get an actual signature from the athlete/participant, check the box that says "Enable Digital Signature Capture" underneath the dropdown menu of the waiver you selected:

Enabling this option will present a signature pad to the user so that they can sign their name with their mouse or finger (if they are on a phone):


Email Copy of Signed Waiver to Athlete/Participant

Once the athlete/participant has signed the waiver, completed registration and paid for the subscription or program, they will receive an confirmation receipt of their purchase.  At the bottom of this receipt is a copy of the waiver along with their digital signature.  This ensures the athlete/participant has a full copy of the waiver they signed.


Viewing Signed Waivers

If you need to view a user's signed waiver, there are two ways you can access this.

1. The first option is to click on the Subscription or Program name from the "Subscriptions" or "Programs" tab:



This will show you a list of all subscribers or participants.  Hover over the name of the athlete you want to view, and click the waiver icon on the right:


This will then display the waiver and the athlete/participant's signature.  There is an option to print this signed waiver at the top of this page:

2. The second way to access a waiver is to navigate to the athlete's calendar.  Click on the athlete's profile image next to their name at the top:


When the modal window opens, navigate to the "Services" tab.  This will display all Subscriptions and/or Programs this athlete has registered for.  Click the three triple dots (...) to the right of the subscription or program name, and then select "View Waivers":



This will open up the same waiver screen in #1 above so that you can view and/or print the signed waiver.



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